Friday, February 10, 2017

My Favorite TV Series

         I have many favorite TV series, they are however very different. I usually watch them on Netflix but if i can i will watch them on television. One of my favorite TV shows is called Grey's Anatomy, this series is mainly about surgeons. In Grey's Anatomy you see many operations and different ways you can end up in the hospital. You also watch the lives of 5 interns, who wish to become surgeons in a hospital located in Seattle. You watch everything they have had to go through to achieve there goal. One of the main characters is Meredith Grey, she has to go through many obstacles to maybe achieve her goal of being a surgeon. I really recommend this series, if you could watch it or are interested in becoming a surgeon then this series is definitely for you. Below is a trailer of the series and also a picture.

           Another TV series that I like to watch is called Pretty Little Liars. This TV series is about four girls named Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna who have another friend named Alison. It is said that Alison went missing but right after this all happened they started to get messages from someone named "A". These messages weren't just normal messages but scary messages. They threaten to expose all their secrets, the old ones and the new ones. Throughout the series you try to figure out who "A" really is and how she or he knows everything that has happened while Alison is gone. You watch some of the girls find love and also see some unexpected things happen. If you like mysteries TV series then you will definitely love this series. Down below is a trailer and a picture of the series. 


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  1. Hey Abigail,
    The medical world really interests me, so I'll maybe watch Grey's anatomy it will surely please me and then I ll tell how I found it !